What Electrician Services Can Do For You

What Electrician Services Can Do For You

Electricians in Cleveland OH work with a wide range of electrical components. If you need to install new wiring, it’s important to identify the proper professionals for the job.

Electricians can use templates on ServiceTitan to record details about jobs like inspections, estimates, and invoices. These forms can also include your company’s branding.


Flickering, dimming or buzzing lights are common signs of electrical problems that need a professional eye. An electrician can inspect and repair lighting wiring or install a new light fixture or switch. Faulty electrical wiring is a significant safety hazard, especially for older homes. Licensed electricians are also trained to install dedicated circuits for heavy energy-consuming appliances like refrigerators, washers and dryers, pool pumps, outdoor lighting or dishwashers.

Electricians who specialize as service electricians typically work on equipment and lighting in residential properties. Their duties include repairing and replacing equipment, inspecting and testing fuses, transformers and circuit breakers and following National Electric Code state and local building regulations.

Electricians can also install voice-data-video (VDV) cabling that combines traditional electricity with data and voice communications for modern home systems such as security, sound, and entertainment. These electricians often work in high-rise buildings and must be comfortable working at heights and navigating ladders. Depending on the specialization, other duties may involve inspections of power lines or the installation of fire alarms and control wiring. Electricians should have normal color vision and the ability to follow blueprints and other technical documents. They must also be physically fit enough to spend long periods of time on their feet or climbing ladders.

Outlets and Switches

Over time, outlets and switches wear out. Replacing faulty ones with new, quality components can help make your household run more smoothly, and it can also keep you safer from potential hazards like fire.

A professional electrician has the right tools and materials for the job at hand. They can save you the cost of buying them yourself and, in many cases, they can even advise you on which types of materials are best.

Electricians know how much power each outlet, switch and circuit can handle. They can recommend the correct voltage levels for your home or business, helping you to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade to Smart Outlets or want more control over your lighting with a switch, an electrician can install the perfect fixtures for your space.

They can also offer advice on how many outlets you can safely have on one circuit, which is important if you’re using more appliances than the current capacity of your wiring and breaker box. They can also tell you which kinds of outlets are best for your home, such as tamper-resistant outlets that shut off with a touch. This makes them ideal for homes with children. They can also provide GFCI outlets to prevent electrocution from appliances that aren’t grounded properly.

AFCI Protection

The National Electric Code requires arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCI) for many electrical circuits that run receptacle outlets, switches, lighting and recessed can lights. AFCIs protect against arc faults, high-intensity discharges of electricity that cause fires. They do this by continuously monitoring circuits for unsafe arcing and shutting off power before a fire can start.

AFCIs detect dangerous arcing by monitoring current running through the wiring and breaking the circuit if they sense it. These devices have a very high success rate and are estimated to prevent half of all electrical fires. If you are remodeling your kitchen or have older wiring, it is a good idea to add AFCI protection for the sake of safety.

Unlike GFCIs which focus on preventing shock hazards, AFCI’s have more to do with minimizing electrical fire dangers. Adding them to your circuits/panel can help to keep you safe and save you money on your insurance premiums. While the National Electric Code doesn’t require AFCI protection for all circuits, if you are replacing a breaker and want to be sure your home is safe consider upgrading to these. We recommend having your AFCI breakers and receptacles tested monthly by a licensed electrician to ensure they are working properly.