Five Graffiti Artists Who Create Custom Airbrush Murals

Usually done without permission, graffiti artists are written or painted on walls and other surfaces. It’s a variety of forms, from simple text to elaborate wall paintings. Its history dates back to ancient Greece, Egypt, and the Roman Empire. In the 1980s, artists in New York City began to gain recognition for their work.

Mister Totem is a designer and muralist who specializes in a style of graffiti known as “tagging.” He is also the owner of his own design studio. He’s one of the earliest artists to use a message board, or “tunnel,” as an impromptu art gallery.

He’s been called the vanguard of painting in the Krog Street Tunnel in 1995. Today, he’s a prolific street artist. He’s partnered with Tats Cru, a graffiti duo from Brooklyn. He’s created stencils with contemporary figures, such as Amy Winehouse and Donald Trump, as well as the famous Nike logo. He’s also a commercial muralist. He’s worked with a number of organizations in southwest Pennsylvania.

Alex Brewer is a graduate of Grady High School in Atlanta, Georgia. He has been doing unauthorized street art since he was 13. He went on to study art at Virginia Commonwealth University. After college, he returned to the street arts, which he had first explored as a teenager. He now uses the moniker Hense. He has a unique style, using different textures and linework to create his works. He’s also a mural broker. He’s had his works displayed in many galleries and venues.

Gregory Michael Menching is a native of Connecticut, but he’s lived in several locations throughout the United States and Canada. He’s been fascinated with graffiti since he was a child. He was inspired to begin creating artwork when he saw an image on the side of a bridge. After a brief stint as a professional graffiti writer, he became a full-time muralist. During this time, he developed his own style of graffiti, incorporating cartoon images from the golden age of animation. He’s since become a central figure in the Atlanta art scene.

Mobstr is a multi-talented artist who plays mind games with graffiti cleaners. He’s also the creator of a series of limited edition toys. His graffiti extends from Canada to Australia, and he’s worked with a number of major brands. He’s also participated in a number of large-scale installations, including a life-size installation of a paper cut of Jesus Christ at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C. He’s worked on a number of commercial spaces, and has been invited to paint murals in Cabbagetown, a community in Atlanta.

He’s been involved in a number of projects, including a mural for the Rio Olympics. He’s exhibited his work in museums and commercial spaces, and his street art has traveled to the south side of Sao Paulo.

The art of graffiti has roots in the Roman Empire and Ancient Egypt. In the 20th century, graffiti was a way of identifying gangs in the United States, and it was closely associated with boasting about crimes committed by gang members. It was also used as a prelude to violent confrontations. Some jurisdictions sought to end this practice, and significant resources were allocated for the removal of graffiti.